In 2011, the “Conferenza permanente dei Collegi Universitari”, which has been active since 1997 by representing and coordinating all the University Colleges legally recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, was established as an Association in Rome. At the same time, a new Statute and legal name were approved, namely CCUM - Conferenza dei Collegi Universitari di Merito. In 2016, the Statute and Governance of the CCUM were aligned with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 68 of 29 March 2012.

Article 2 of the Statute lists the aims and activities carried out by the Association:

  • to represent, enhance and protect the singular nature of University Colleges of Merit, both in Italy and abroad, before public authorities and public opinion, as required by the laws referred to in art. 1, as residential facilities of national importance, with high cultural standards, which provide students with educational and guidance services, supplementing the educational offer of universities;
  • to maintain relations and cooperate with the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), the other Ministries of the Italian Republic, the Conference of Rectors, Universities, Bodies and Institutions, including international ones;
  • to promote a culture based on collegiality and merit as a lever for social mobility and active citizenship;
  • to support the university system in implementing dedicated services (Student Affairs and Services) for students, fostering educational success and active participation in the university community;
  • to promote studies and other cultural initiatives aimed at disseminating knowledge of Colleges and the culture of providing services for students, both in Italy and abroad;
  • to come up with proposals for legal and administration offices, with a view to achieving widespread recognition as well as enhancing the role of Colleges in university, cultural and social contexts;
  • to promote forms of cooperation among Colleges and between Colleges and other Italian and foreign institutions and associations, both public and private, as well as to join local, national and international bodies sharing similar goals.
  • to foster research and collaboration initiatives conducted in Colleges, in the fields of university and career guidance, teaching, mentoring and student education.