Promoted by the Conference of Italian University Rectors, since July 2015, the RUS - Italian University Network for Sustainable Development is the first experience involving coordination and sharing among all Italian universities committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

The main aims of RUS are to disseminate the culture and good practices of sustainability, both within and outside the Universities, by pooling skills and experiences so as to increase the positive impacts of the actions implemented by each University; to promote the SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to their achievement; and to make the Italian experience more recognised and appreciated at an international level.

The agreement between RUS and the Conferenza dei Collegi Universitari Merito is aimed at cooperating to implement and promote jointly organised initiatives and events regarding sustainable development, to make the expertise and experience in disseminating the culture and good practices of sustainability of RUS available to CCUM, just as CCUM will make its own college network available to RUS to disseminate the culture and good practices of sustainability. 

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