The University Colleges of Merit differ from all other university residential offers, since they provide an educational project specifically tailored to students.

Living in college implies being part of a group and, as a result, experiencing different levels of complexity and interaction on a daily basis. It is sort of a “gym” where students can learn to maintain horizontal and vertical relationships, actively participate in social activities, develop a sense of responsibility and the ability to work in a team, and understand the importance of respecting common rules.

Each College develops a specific programme of extracurricular activities including courses, conferences, workshops, volunteer experiences, tutorial services, coaching, visits to companies, and career guidance activities. In this way, the College becomes a facilitator for enhancing soft skills, namely the transferable skills considered essential for entering the world of work.

Great emphasis is placed on internationalisation initiatives: in addition to being in contact with students from Europe and from all over the world on a daily basis, the Colleges offer Summer schools, exchange programmes with foreign universities or colleges, internships and international study visits.

College life provides a unique set of skills that are acquired through non-formal and informal extracurricular activities, with an added value: the opportunity to share spaces, resources and experiences. Moreover, these kinds of facilities make the transition from secondary school to university easier for students, providing them with tools that encourage a social and shared approach to issues with the support of tutors, which are students acting as “peer helpers” for their fellow students, mentors and directors.

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