The internal organisation of the CCUM is based on the principles of democracy, the freedom to elect its own representatives and the effectiveness of membership: consequently, each member has the right to participate and to vote in the Assemblies. All members have equal rights and duties.

The bodies of the Conferenza include the Assembly, the President, the Executive Board, the Vice President, the Secretary General, and the Auditor.

The Assembly consists of all members who have paid the annual membership fee of the Conferenza. The President of the Conferenza is elected by the Assembly by secret ballot from among the representatives of the bodies that have been members of the Conferenza for at least three years. The President is the legal representative of the Conferenza. The Executive Board is made up of the President and six members representing the member bodies (four for accredited Colleges, two for recognised Colleges). The Secretary General is elected by the Assembly.

Executive Board

Secretary General


  • Fabio Maestri

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