The protocol with the MAECI - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, involves the commitment of the Ministry to promote the University Colleges of Merit to foreign academic institutions and – after checking whether admission requirements are met – the commitment of the Colleges to host and train the university students recommended by the MAECI coming from all over the world, offering programmes to welcome them, train them and help them integrate into the national cultural fabric.

In fact, the University Colleges of Merit are a resource for the internationalisation of the Italian university system, since they offer foreign students who would like to study in Italy a proper ‘learning environment’ that makes it easier for them to integrate into university life, socialise with their Italian peers and those of other nationalities, and learn about Italian culture and traditions.

The protocol also states that CCUM and MAECI are committed to developing joint communication activities in order to reach out to the highest number of international students interested in studying in Italy.

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