Due to their interdisciplinary and multicultural nature, the Colleges of Merit offer an important opportunity to develop and learn soft skills, which are transferable with respect to the educational goals of a degree course; they are learnt through experience and are increasingly demanded by the world of work. 

CCUM plays an active role in the Italian university system by offering programmes, initiatives and facilities that foster educational success, students’ personal and professional growth and the vitality of the university community. Its experience comes from the many years of activity of the University Colleges of Merit and from working together with the US ‘student affairs and services’ associations of which it is a member.

In their broadest definition, ‘student affairs and services’ include all consulting activities and the direct management of all university departments, except those directly related to academic teaching. 

The professionals of the ‘student affairs and services’ are involved in a wide range of activities: from managerial activities (managing facilities, projects and placement and employability programmes, internationalisation) to non-academic educational activities (guidance, transferable skills and counselling). Other activities include attracting resources and fundraising, developing entrepreneurial culture, performance evaluation, institutional representation, and networking.

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