CSI - Centro Sportivo Italiano is a nonprofit association based on voluntary work, which promotes sports as an opportunity for learning, growth, commitment and social gathering, inspired by the Christian vision of mankind.

CCUM and CSI are committed to collaborating in order to promote sports culture among young people as a bearer of positive and educational values, thus enriching the educational curriculum of the residents of the University Colleges of Merit with initiatives which, through sport, enhance transferable skills (soft skills) with events, seminars or workshops, sports initiatives and intercollege tournaments, educational programmes and awareness campaigns on topics of common interest.

The educational value of sports, which is also confirmed by the fact that it is included in the Erasmus + programme, has always been supported and promoted by the University Colleges of Merit. College facilities offer sports areas and equipment to encourage students to practice sports by organising activities, competitions and tournaments, as well as the spaces managed by the CSI.

Sports are promoted as a lifestyle to boost team spirit, a sense of belonging, healthy and fair competitiveness, determination and to encourage students to pursue results.

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