Since 2002, CCUM has had a memorandum of understanding with CRUI - The Conference of Italian University Rectors, which envisages the offer of training activities suitable to meet the growing and diverse needs of university students.

The collaboration between CRUI and CCUM is aimed at enhancing the non-formal and informal educational experiences of university students, initiatives promoting educational success, the vitality of the university community and opportunities to enrich the academic curriculum. 

Based on the experiences that the various University Colleges of Merit have developed locally together with the local universities, this collaboration takes advantage of the good practices of interdisciplinarity, transversality and internationalisation implemented in the Colleges and makes them well-known nationally.

The initiatives envisaged by the protocol, which was renewed and expanded in 2016, include providing students with information on the residential and educational opportunities offered by the Colleges, including joint educational initiatives for University and College staff on the topic of 'student affairs and services', as well as the option of granting credits for the courses held at the Colleges.

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