University Colleges of Merit are shared residential facilities designed to accommodate students from Italian universities and Higher Education Institutions, both public and private, who demonstrate special talents, motivation and commitment during their studies, obtaining excellent grades. 

They offer students who have been admitted after taking a competitive exam, based on merit and personal motivation, not only board and lodging but also a range of services to encourage them to perform well in their studies, as well as a learning environment that helps them to develop their human qualities and, as a result, a comprehensive and balanced education. 

These goals are pursued through personalised tutoring and by offering cultural activities complementary to the academic courses, based on a customised contract between the College and each student, in order to prepare students for their future career.

Colleges are also places that attract students and young graduates attending different universities all over the world, offering them the opportunity to get together: it is therefore a unique experience that allows them to develop the ability to interact with people from different cultures in a spirit of openness and solidarity.