Transferable skills or soft skills are at the heart of global, European and national policies aimed at increasing youth employment and the competitiveness of economies. Soft skills can be defined as a ‘dynamic combination of cognitive and meta-cognitive skills, interpersonal, intellectual and practical skills. Soft skills help people to adapt and behave positively so that they can deal effectively with the challenges of their professional and everyday life’.

According to art. 5, paragraph 3, letter f) of Law no. 240/2010, the University Colleges of Merit ‘provide students with educational and guidance services and integrate the educational programme of universities’.

At the end of their college stay, students who have successfully completed the training offered by the University Colleges of Merit, will therefore receive their “College Diploma”,  which certifies the skills acquired by students, who can then provide it either as an additional certification for open competitive examinations, in accordance with tender requirements, or to employers in the private sector in order to certify the skills, knowledge and abilities acquired during their College experience.

The “College Diploma” is jointly issued by the individual University College and the CCUM, using a single format created by the CCUM that is valid for all the University Colleges of Merit. Each College is in charge of certifying the activities carried out and the skills acquired by students, while CCUM has the task of validating these activities, which must meet the quality requirements of the training programme undertaken in compliance with the regulations in force.

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