The Consejo de Colegios Mayores Universitarios de España (CCMUE) is an association that brings together and represents 120 University Colleges of Merit across Spain, both public and private, hosting more than 17,000 students each year.

CCMUE’s aims to work together with public and private institutions and European, national, regional and local bodies to develop and implement educational, cultural and training projects involving universities and higher education. The projects developed by CCMUE involve non-formal and informal education, soft skills and professional competencies.

The agreement is aimed at encouraging the institutions of the University Colleges of Merit, with a special focus on Europe (Parliament and European Commission), to jointly implement cultural events, conferences and seminars, study visits and the exchange of good practices between College directors and trainers, student exchanges between Colleges of Merit (for short periods and as part of the Erasmus programme), participation in projects promoted by the European Community, and educational initiatives for students of the University Colleges of Merit.

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