Admission to the University Colleges of Merit is based on merit only, as the name suggests. For worthy students who are economically disadvantaged, funding opportunities, scholarships and free places are available, and their allocation varies from College to College.

Admission generally involves taking a written test, followed by one or more interviews, including a motivational interview. The personalised training project that students will develop during their stay at the College, alongside their university curriculum, will be illustrated during the interview.

In addition to providing additional training alongside the university degree programme, the aim of the personalised training project is to prepare students to develop their critical sense, judgement and autonomous decision-making when faced with the complexity of society.

The pre-requisites and deadlines of the calls for admission vary from College to College, depending on the course start dates of the universities and on the dates on which the lists of students admitted to universities with restricted access are published.

For further information on the calls and their deadlines, please refer to the websites of the individual colleges.

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