Residential facilities

A distinctive feature of the University Colleges of Merit is that students are accommodated in high-quality residential facilities.

New Colleges or renovations of existing buildings must comply with the minimum standards set out in Law no. 338 of 14 November 2000. CCUM Colleges offer all kinds of spaces and buildings, which are all aimed at offering facilities and services that meet the specific needs of young university students. 

The University Colleges of Merit offer a variety of housing solutions: single or shared rooms and studio flats. Libraries, computer labs, study and music rooms, along with canteens, fitness areas, communal kitchens, green spaces and sports fields are key gathering places for students, helping them to build a team spirit and establish interpersonal relationships. 

The distinctive element, as stated in the “Carta dei Collegi” (Charter of Colleges), is the invaluable contribution of “collegiality”, which entails sharing spaces and experiences and embarking on a growth path.

All College spaces are designed to offer students an ideal environment for studying, personal growth and socialising. Special importance is given to multi-purpose spaces and areas reserved for teaching (classrooms, conference rooms, lecture halls and co-working spaces) where cultural and educational activities – the hallmarks of the University Colleges of Merit – take place.

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