“College Diploma” with blockchain technology now available


With effect from this academic year (2020-2021), the Conferenza dei Collegi Universitari di Merito will make available a “College Diploma” certifying the skills acquired by students during their educational curriculum at the University Colleges of Merit. The diploma will be issued and validated with blockchain technology thanks to a collaboration with CIMEA - Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equivalence.

In fact, CCUM has access to CIMEA’s Diplo-me computing platform, which uses this technology to allow national and international universities to share and certify the validity of academic qualifications.

The “College Diploma” certifies the “soft skills”, namely the non-formal skills that students acquire as a result of their educational curriculum at the University Colleges of Merit, such as:

  • work-life balance (stress tolerance, commitment, balance)
  • learning and self-updating skills (open-mindedness, continuous improvement, research and information management skills) 
  • creativity and innovation (entrepreneurial vision and proactivity)
  • problem solving (ability to analyse and make decisions, focus on results)
  • professional ethics (integrity, ability to help others grow)
  • leadership (self-awareness, management of oneself and others, planning ability)
  • adaptability and flexibility skills (social intelligence, negotiation, cultural adaptability to different organisational contexts and changes, conflict management, customer/user focus)
  • communication (public speaking, interpersonal communication, listening skills, creation and management of contact networks, online and offline written communication)
  • teamwork (team building and team management)
  • organisational and management skills (method and planning, time management)