In 2011 the Permanent Conference of University Colleges, born in 1997 to represent Colleges externally and to fulfil the role of coordinating and promoting their common actions, was founded as Association with the legal seat in Rome. At the same time a new Statute and name were approved, CCUM 'Conferenza dei Collegi Universitari di Merito’.

The article 2 of the Statute lists the aims and scope of the association:

  • representing the singular nature of University Colleges of Merit, or Colleges, in Italy and abroad towards different stakeholders; the Colleges are defined as ‘educational institutions belonging to the higher education area, private bodies with the public aim at enriching university education paths;
  • establishing relationships and cooperating with the Ministry of Education and other ministries of the Italian Republic;
  • fostering the development of collegiality and merit, as instruments for social mobility and active citizenship;
  • promoting research, studies and other cultural initiatives, aimed at raising awareness of the University Colleges, in Italy and abroad;
  • presenting proposals to public institutions, aimed at getting a broad recognition and appreciation of the University Colleges’ role within the higher education area and the civil society;
  • promoting collaborations among University Colleges themselves, with other Italian and foreign institutions, public or private, as well as fostering the participation in local, national and international networks with similar objectives;
  • fostering research and collaboration initiatives based on the activities of University Colleges, particularly on tutoring, career guidance, teaching, mentoring and students’ training.

Events and news from University Colleges and the association.

Educational project
progetto educativo