With 'Investing in Talent. The Contribution of University Colleges - Fourth Report of the Conference of University Colleges of Merit ', CCUM aims to showcase the educational programs carried out every day in the University Colleges for resident and not resident students.

The report provides data on more than 4,000 students who live in the 55 Colleges of CCUM and the implemented activities:

  • students from different study fields and their academic achievements,
  • courses accredited by Universities,
  • soft skills courses,
  • international partnerships,
  • joint initiatives with the business community and local institutions,
  • cultural activities, guidance and mentoring.

The data underlines that the training project of the University Colleges has an impact on the employability of students: the ‘alumni’ results far exceed the Italian average employment status, compared with ISTAT and Alma Laurea surveys. Another distinctive feature is the number of international students inside the university colleges: 12% of the residents, three times higher than the national average.


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Educational project
progetto educativo