CSI - Italian Sports Centre is a non-profit organization, founded on volunteering principles, which promotes sport as a tool for education, growth, commitment and social engagement, inspired by the Christian vision of man.

CCUM and CSI undertake to work together to spread among young people sport activities with positive and educational values, enriching the curriculum of the University Colleges residents with initiatives that support, through sport, soft skills development: events, seminars or workshops; sporting events and intercollegiate tournaments; training and awareness-raising campaigns on issues of common interest.

The educational role of sport, underlined by its inclusion in the Erasmus+ program, has always been supported and promoted in the University Colleges: they offer facilities and sports fields, encourage the organization of activities, competitions and tournaments. Sport is a training ground to raise team building, the sense of belonging, fair competition, determination and results orientation.


Events and news from University Colleges and the association.

Educational project
progetto educativo